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It is exactly the sort of generic term that Nintendo fears 'Metroid' itself becoming.

Confizzed. It has to be a competing trademark that is registered, and NOT a public 'buzzward'; Wut?

It just so happened that the term came into informal use by normal people and then caught on as general use.

This goes back to the initial question asked, and as to my confusion of 'legal text/context'.

if enough people referred to the vaguely-defined genre of non-linear gated-progression sidescrollers as 'metroids' or as 'castlevanias', then that would be the generic marketing term talentless indies affixed to their works.

So then, it HAS to be the actual term used; NOT a 'knockoff' term?
So then, we just start calling Metroidvania games just straight up Metroid or Castlevania and when asked why called, explain so that it catches on to initiate the proposed the effect?


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