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I don't know, does change.org has actually being effective at something? Still I wouldn't passed the mob mentality the internet gets at times with the criticism of something popular to hate.

Paper Mario started at the top and has steadily gone downhill with each new entry. But to be fair only two are turn based RPGs with partners.

That's true.

Well to be fair from what I've seen Prime Pinball is Pinball version of the first Metroid Prime. So I suppose there's not a lot of damage given it kinda advertises a good game in the series. Other M also referenced both Super and Fusion but the new things they added hindered what could have been a merely fine entry.


I think people want Other M and Federation Force feel more like moments in the franchise rather than parts of it. Like a bad comic book crossover event I suppose people just want something to wash the bad aspects those games are bringing. However if it's like how Nintendo has managed the Paper Mario series, maybe it's already to late to have that mentality. But who knows. Will the NX recycle the Wii U strategy of the same line of games? Or will it try to bring new IPs and new takes on forgotten IPs? It's a mystery.


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