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"I don't know, does change.org has actually being effective at something?"

Lol, no.

"Still I wouldn't passed the mob mentality the internet gets at times"

'No one cares about this thing' and 'The only people who care about this thing is that mob of people over there' are not the same argument.

"Paper Mario started at the top and has steadily gone downhill with each new entry"

As someone who likes SPM more than TYD (and likes both better than 64), I disagree with that assessment.

"So I suppose there's not a lot of damage given it kinda advertises a good game in the series."

The 'damage' you are referring to is once again purely related to the brand and not to the products themselves, which reinforces my point about how much the former matters to people.

There is not a lot of actual damage that any game can do in (or to) any series. Playing MOM (or worse, Corruption) does not render my game system unable to read other, better Metroid games. It does not insert Waifu Samus into Super. It does not explode my Wii U if I play Zero Mission. Sakamoto is not personally going around melting everyone's copies of the first two Prime games with a blow torch. The good Metroid games still exist, in the forms they always have. They are not diminished in any practical material sense by the existence of lower quality games that happen to be part of the same franchise.

The only thing that bad Metroid games can possibly hurt is the label itself: the idea that if someone puts a game in their console with the word 'Metroid' on the cover, they have a pretty solid idea of exactly what they are about to play. That is what a brand is at a fundamental level.


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