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Tue Aug 09 16 05:49pm
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"Sucks for both sides though"

Does it, though?

-The guy got to release a passion project of his, and it was well-received and extremely popular. Copies of it will forever circulate the internet. Over the decade of work, he learned to code and is now employed as a professional programmer. And so far he has not even received a cease and desist.

-Nintendo gets to make a big show of strength pretending like they killed the project (even though it is in the wild now) so they have something to point to if they ever need to prove they defend their IP.

-Metroid fans get to play a game they mostly think is pretty awesome, and anyone who wants to play it still can, just not off the specific file mirrors that got taken down.

-People who post on videogame message boards get to do our two favorite things: Argue and Complain.

Honestly, this seems like one of those 'everybody wins' situations.


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