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Ironic Twist explanation. That was in the back of my mind, so didn't feel the need to mention that. You also forgot to directly mention that it draws out Corporate Sneaks dead set on doing damage control, and other such users(there may even be a cover up scenario in this, that's pending though).

they have something to point to if they ever need to prove they defend their IP.

Because they didn't already have enough to point to as it is?

People who post on videogame message boards get to do our two favorite things: Argue and Complain.

I actually do the 'side quest' thing myself ;p.

Honestly, this seems like one of those 'everybody wins' situations

At the moment, as you have pointed out, that appears to be the case.
Bad Rep for Nintendo though, will resonate for at least a few weeks still though. Unless they decide to go "Slap Happy" in the mean time on some other thing. Also, Samus is still sad(I know, Fictional; still can't help to feel bad for notions as such).
Never in one day, Have I ever used up all my upvotes so fast and somehow want more to use.


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