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They make a big production about vigorously making an example of the high-profile ones so that they do not actually have to waste the resources dealing with the no-profile ones.

Yeah, but isn't the small profile ones the ones they should be worried about, due to sheer numbers? I mean, It wouldn't be at all(?) difficult for the opposition to find MANY small(a few mids) examples(and 'inflate' them) against their 1 big example. And actions like that, cause curiosity to rise "Hey, This game is pretty awesome! I wonder what ELSE I've been missing out on. . . I find anything else, I'll be sure to tell friends, but I'll keep it kinda low so they don't pull it like they did the big one." Hence like I said, Streisand Effect. Their one big elephant in the room would have nothing against 50 inflated elephant balloons.

Same principle as being in prison or a substitute teacher at an elementary school.

Not sure if I follow. . .
All I can discern from that is an authoritative figure in an establishment, where their role wouldn't necessarily be respected as opposed to the normal authoritative figure they are accustomed too. The other is being in an oppressed environment, in which case, you could have shortened it down to just oppressive environment like a prison. Or maybe just Being held captive.

But how this analogy applies to the low profiles you mentioned, is what's confusing me.


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