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Mon Aug 15 16 10:54pm
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I watched the Bayonetta anime movie and I finally get what happened with the first game's story.

I have to wonder if videogames are having an issue delivering exposition since last gen, considering the anime takes lines directly from the game but while I felt bored with the exposition there in here I did get more invested. (btw for some reason there's a latin spanish dub so also hearing Bayonetta in spanish was amusing).

I think directly comparing it with the games it comes down that the game has way better action scenes (plus you actually play many of them). But the anime explains better the lore of this universe, at the very least spacing better the exposition dump. For me specifically the Balder monologue was very tedious and utterly boring in the game so I didn't catch the twist of why Bayonetta met her child version. I do wonder if is how in 3D exposition for the most part is very dry in more adult productions.

Anyway, I'll recommend it for both the game's fan service, the animation and a more easily understanding of the game's lore. And still I don't think it takes any enjoyment from the game if you watch this first since the game does the action up and beyond and you play most of it. But IMO the story is delivered in a duller way.

EDIT: I also wanted to express that I like if Bayonetta stays as an exclusive second party series with Nintendo. I have always wondered of what an M-rated IP could fit the house of Smash and in a way Bayonetta seems to clash and at the same time fit in comparison to other M-rated characters. Just wishful thinking since she was added to Smash and I'll like for the IP to keep on growing. Also it needs a rematch with Just Dance since that game beat Bayonetta back in the day. :p

4°C animated a scene in the Amazing World of Gumball: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H0Sy6GJAQto


Funnily, I was having a discussion the other day, regarding closure in Metroid Prime, using the examples of the Pirates of the Caribbean. And don't you know, a trailer for the 5th movie was released today:

Now I'm conflicted since the last one was not only awful but had a lingering loose end with Barbossa getting the bottleship fleet of Black Beard or in Hollywood fashion, dropdead that contrived idea. On the other hand, it has Javier Bardem as the villain, and I really liked him in No Country for Old Men and 007: Skyfall.