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Wed Aug 17 16 08:32pm
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Most of the comments here are why EA and a lot of 3rd parties don't release stuff on Nintendo's platforms. Please do not get me wrong, everyone is allowed to buy or not buy things according to their own thoughts. It's just that if everyone is saying "I don't buy X's games" or "I couldn't care less if Y has games on Nintendo's platform." That is why they don't bring their games.

And that's their right too. They don't need to hand out games on Nintendo platforms if they feel like nobody is going to buy it. People complain that they should just do it just cause but that's not how it works.

Basically someone in this vicious cycle needs to go above and beyond in generosity: Nintendo supports 3rd party in making sure they use the system to the fullest (done in Bayo 2), or 3rd party puts in a lot of effort to make Nintendo version good or on par compared to other consoles (done for Need for Speed MW, Deus Ex, Black Ops 2), or consumers need to buy lots of copies of 3rd party's game (don't have an example, help). The common thing throughout all of this is that not enough consumers buy any of these no matter the quality.

Note: This is about established 3rd party companies. Indies are obviously a different situation even though technically they are considered 3rd party.


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