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Wed Aug 17 16 08:40pm
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At this point, most of the "We don't need 3rd parties" jargon comes from atrocious ports that have been a thing for nearly 15 years. It's sad that there are so many great 3rd party games that people ignore though, like the examples you gave. I bought NFS and it was awesome. People do buy a lot of 3rd parties too, but just very specific series. Monster Hunter is a huge one, as well as Yokai Watch and the SMT games. However, those are on the exclusive end of things and isn't quite the same.

However, if 3rd parties don't put their honest effort in the first place, then gamers shouldn't buy their trash just so they got a shot at decent games in the future. It's a vicious cycle. Developer tests the waters with a sketchy title - doesn't sell - developer won't port AAA title because previous title didn't sell well.


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