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Wed Aug 17 16 11:49pm
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Thanks for mentioning Monster Hunter and SMT. I knew there were some 3rd party games more of a majority of Nintendo fans buy but I couldn't remember.

I definitely agree with you on how some 3rd parties release trash games and believe that gamers shouldn't buy it just because either. The most realistic thing that could happen of the 3 options I mentioned would be for Nintendo to up their generosity and start money hatting.

Some may say Nintendo shouldn't have to do it but at the end of the day, they are the ones losing out compared to the 3rd parties themselves and the consumers. The 3rd parties will continue to release their games on other, more profitable platforms. Consumers can buy their games on other platforms and still play them if they want. Nintendo has to be the one that invests in their own box that they sell.

Sure it's expensive to help 3rd parties develop for the system for the best way they can and to help them advertise for Nintendo's platform. But it could potentially pay off in the long run. People want a box that has as many games as possible so having N's exclusives plus the 3rd parties that the other 2 boxes have will make them the best pick in the long run.


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