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Fri Aug 19 16 04:37am
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The problem is the numbers almost certainly won't be there if there's no decent third party support—no one but fanboys are going to buy it without all the big games they expect to see—and for there to be that support it's up to Nintendo to make a machine and a development environment that makes all these big AAA third party developer want to put their games on it day one, as both Microsoft and Sony manage to do every generation perfectly well. Let's be very clear here; the fault lies with Nintendo and no one one else. If it had made a console that was truly compelling, truly transparent, and something the likes of EA was immediately sure would be worth investing in, EA would be investing day one. But, it's clear that companies like EA are just waiting and seeing with the NX, as they did with Wii U, because obviously the console itself and everything around it, be that the business deals or whatever else, hasn't convinced them it's going to sell tens of millions of units or compelled them enough to jump on board. And that's what's worrying right out the gate.


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