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Sat Aug 27 16 07:42pm
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Because RMC seems to have taken an overly defensive nature to certain games as of late and thinks that scores aren't important because "everyone uses them and people rely on them" yet by giving zero indicator of how much he likes the game on any sort of scale it makes them more confusing than they used to be. It really frustrates me and I wish he'd at the very least adapt a Gamexplain system where it's a simple scale to dictate how much he enjoyed/hated a game.

Speaking of which, is it just me, or is it odd that RMC rarely dislikes games that he reviews, even when playing games like Star Fox Zero or any Nintendo game that has mixed controls/is a shallow experience? Out of the three years I've been here, I don't think I've ever seen him dislike a game/hate it with a strong passion. Makes me suspect that either he's just cherry picking games he plans to like or simply doesn't dislike many games to speak of. Brutal honesty, but I just don't find his reviews that helpful due to most of them not having any sort of indicator on how good/bad the actual game is. :|


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