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Rorel here. Constant reader of gonintendo, but never joined because I avoided joining forums, blogs, discussions, and etc for several years - for good reasons. But eventually I got tired of remaining silent and letting everyone with a bad attitude be the only ones commenting.

I don't know how often I'll actually join any forum topics, but putting my introduction here for formality's sake.
My opinions will differ astoundingly with others, and I'll either sound like a foolish optimist or a harsh pessimist depending on which side of topics you stand on. And it will almost always sound like I'm a contrarian. But rest assured, I'm being honest with my opinions, and prefer to state things that no one else seems to bring up (I don't like leaving open holes in discussions).

Now that I've said all that, hopefully the ones who read this will not see me in such an extreme light (when you prepare for the worst, the reality doesn't seem so bad).

I am a lover of Nintendo's philosophies in games and consoles, but actually not that huge of a fan of their main franchises. My preference of games makes me look more like a Sony fan, and my favorite franchises sometimes makes me look like an Xbox fan, and people will wonder why I don't just stick with PC, but there's something about Nintendo I absolutely love and find to be necessary in the gaming market.
It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that if Nintendo fell out of the gaming industry (or even became a poor third party), I would halt gaming altogether. And that's coming from someone who plays more games on the other consoles.

Anywho, I'm Rorel. I mean well, even if I seem otherwise.


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