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I played some Rayman 3D.
Back when 3DS first launched I remember this game getting some pretty crappy review scores, so I made sure to cross it off my list of titles to buy at launch. Now 5 years later I'm playing it and I realize it is far from perfect (the camera can be troublesome at times), but Rayman 2 (which this is a port of) was a pretty damn good game, and this may not be the best way to play it if you've already got it on one of the older consoles, but for someone who has never played it before and doesn't own any of the older systems it was released on, I think this is an acceptable way to experience it for the first time. The only other complaint (besides the camera sometimes) is that I've gotta add this to a list of about 3 other games I've played on 3DS where at times the 3D effect is so strong it will start to bother your eyes after a while and gave me a headache.


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