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Wed Sep 14 16 05:52pm
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I finished Abzu and Bound. There pretty, but it borders the line of what I think a game is. There's input from the player but there's little game design here. I think the frustration just comes from these not having a development of it's mechanics more than trying to tell something. Well at the very least both let you stage select any part of the games so there's that I suppose.

Axiom Verge; it looks like Metroid, it doesn't play like one. Axiom Verge felt to me like a middle of the road execution. The weapons are interchangeable so there's little incentive to get all of them. The story lacks an interesting hook and overall aside from the glitch concept for the dash, and roadblocks there's little identity in this one. I suppose it wasn't for me.

I beat Chapter 1 of MGS V. I'm not feeling the will to continue because it felt like an ending. I don't get why the game is apparently going. What else can they bring? What heart wrenching twist and turns can they add to this great game that ironically is the worst Metal Gear experience I've had. I'll leave at that in fear of becoming a resented Paper Mario "fan". But I suppose it's kinda like that.

Federation Force. Not bad. Despite the flare of criticism the game is fun to play with other people. I think that's the main strong argument in favor of this experience since levels aren't that long, for the most part people know what to do and there was only one time someone screwed the team. I suppose it's just how little it adds to the series that hurts it but then again for a stop gap game I've seen more lazy efforts.

AM2R. It's kind of a shame the only game in the last couple of months I'm willing to replay and likely retry the hard file I started is a free game. Feels kind of wrong but I think it's a well made game for the most part, the control feels great, the design is interesting, there's little to no padding and it does what it intended for the most part right. I also appreciate the lack of handholding that Nintendo would likely have put if they had made a remake for this game.

I'm now waiting for Shantae 1/2 genie hero. I liked the last game very much and I just hope the animal transformations are smoother and more fun to do than in Risky's Revenge.

I've been playing Rondo of Blood from the Wii's VC. It's a fantastic throwback experience. The remixes are some of the best it's classic Castlevania with the right measure of difficulty and a stage selection and alternate character makes it very replayable. The only shame is that Konami nor Nintendo could be bothered to add english subtitles for the only game in the franchise with anime cutscenes with dialog.

EDIT: I bought Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 and I didn't liked it, like the worse Megaman games its bland and formulaic to the point only playing as another characters is the standout, and I think reviews agree with that statement. This is the kind of game that makes one wonder just how played out is the formula mainly because it doesn't add unique elements to it, feels like more of the same game and to me, I wanted more ambition and the first game had the benefit of starting a new IP. Also a minor nitpick, having a boss talking in japanese rap slang is annoying, weird and out of left field at the same time. It's sad that aside from the rap guy the only other characters that standout are the ones speaking with internet slang.

I suppose I'll save my money for the end of November, since Shantae also was delayed. T_T


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