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This again.

Look, I supported Operation Rainfall, since those games actually had a much lower chance at coming stateside than most people think.
Xenoblade Chronicles? Had the highest chance of the three and people can argue for that. The Last Story? Pandora's Tower? Uh... Yeah... Had about as much chance as several other titles that never made it stateside.
Those games were worth advertising to others for, since there was A VERY HIGH CHANCE people would have never heard of it otherwise (and to this day: most people STILL don't know about any of them except for Xenoblade (and mostly only because of LOLNOWITSSHULKTIME) -which is the main deciding factor in localizations: sales).

But stuff like this? This is forcing your fans to do all the advertising for something that you can sell yourself, similar to asking your fans to buy a certain amount of preorders before they release DLC for it.
Lost Odyssey? Binary Domain? Those were games that NEEDED better advertising by their companies and really are lost/forgotten gems because of the lack of it.
You, Square Enix, seriously can't believe that you can pull this treatment for DRAGON QUEST.
No, you can do this with the Slime Tank games. In fact, you NEEDED to do that with the Slime Tank games! So it would actually appear on people's radars!
How about smashing The World Ends With You in people's faces? A semi-promised remake that would reinvigorate the fans to bring the game into the attention of others - to really bring it justice.
There's so many other titles suited for this treatment. But no, let's stick with the ones that don't need it at all.

I swear the gaming world is so backwards now. Famous titles need the fans' advertising (Square Enix games) and funding (Shenmue 3), """in order to""" succeed. While honestly, rarely unique games get forgotten in the dust because of little advertising, then straight up using those games as examples of "this is why this genre doesn't sell in the States... So give us more money".
Blah. Whatever.
I want the game, but I won't be advertising it for ya, Square Enix. If you can afford to release FFXIII-onward to the States despite the backlash, you can afford to throw an already-made online game our way.


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