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Mon Sep 26 16 02:04am
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Never heard them saying they will definitely bring Dragon Quest X. You have an original quote? It's been such a long time, maybe our memories are blurry.

Anyway, MMORPG's were you have to pay are dying. The whole MMORPG as a Genre is dying. World of Wacraft and Final Fantasy XIV are still holding up against the decline. Games like Guild Wars 2 or Free to Play MMORPG's are in favour.

If Square Enix have doubts bringing Dragon Quest X to the West, they have legit reasons. The whole Localization will most likely be an fools errand as long as people have to pay monthly to play X. I won't hold a grudge against them for not bringing this, instead they should focus on bringing Dragon Quest XI to the West. Don't have much hopes for 2017.


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