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While I do think Nintendo can do without most Western Third Party support, I of course want them to get as much as possible. I much rather buy something like For Honor for the NX, than my PS4, since I am first and foremost a Nintedo collector, so it'd fit well in my collection. (and in the case of For Honor, would be sweet to be able to play online for free).

I am excited for the NX, as I am sure there will be at least SOME non-Japanese third party games. Not sure which ones. But anyways, I am happy enough as things are now, but I really hope the NX will do better with the other companies.

It is not strange there is some bias since this IS a Nintendo site, but while I am often annoyed at some companies for things they do and/or say in relate to Nintendo, I do hope that bias will lessen some once the NX releases.


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