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I finally finished up Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze. No chance of me going for 100% completion on this. Not because I didn't enjoy it, but because it'd drive me crazy.
I recently played through Giana Sisters and had complained about the difficulty a little bit. Well, this game is a lot harder but still manages to be fun. I have no problem wasting 30-40 lives repeatedly dying on bosses as long as the game is fun, and this game is fun. I'd say it's the best platformer I've played on the Wii U. In fact I'll also say this is my favorite entry in the DKC series. It feels just like the old ones, minus some load times when you first boot the game up. There's some really good level design in here. I dread underwater levels in Mario games, but I look forward to them in DKC. And the mine cart levels are back and still hard as ever. The music however, while good, is the only area that doesn't surpass the original DKC trilogy.

Also I've been playing Uno on PS4.
I spent $10 on this and couldn't even play it for the first few days due to it requiring a Uplay account and I had forgotten my login info years ago and went through hell with Ubisoft support to finally be able to get back into my account just for this game, but it was all worth it because Uno rocks.
If you played this back in the day on Xbox 360 you might remember this as the first (and only?) game to make the Xbox 360 (pre-Kinect) camera relevant. This version supports the PS4 camera, but only when you're playing with friends and it's the same for voice chat, so be ready for some silent sessions if you're just playing with randoms. I find that to be ridiculous and I'd expect those types of limitations from Nintendo, not a major 3rd party developer.
There's a bunch of new rules added but they're optional of course which is good because I didn't like most of them (and they require you to use a Rabbid's themed card deck with Rabbid characters running around the screen and they're just annoying sometimes). One complaint I have with the game is when you want to join a game you're just thrown into a random game instead of it showing you a list of active games with what rule set they're using ahead of time.
Also this version seems slower than other versions of Uno I've played (Xbox 360, Wii and mobile). It sucks but a couple of times games were just taking too long to finish so I had to quit before they'd end.


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