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Absolutely uninformed and very false. Pay to play mmos are actually rising again, reason being, all those who favored F2P or B2P are starting to wise up, and see just how drastically bad the disadvantages of F2P and B2P are.

P2P is the best model, paying 9.99 a month is nothing, same as 15.99. I pay 80 a month for my phone as does most people, averaging 50-70 a month for all their phones.

Whats dying is Korean made mmos, since they keep causing and making the same problems, and trying to do the same thing over and over again, following a tired old formula that does not work anymore. Thats why nearly all korean mmos start dying within a year. Especially those that uses the West as a cash grab, giving little to no support, simply to get as much money off the Whales as possible to fund development for their own home Korean version of the game.

As I stated above, but the focus should be on X, its a better game than XI simply due to the fact, its a near Infinite Dragon Quest experience, that has alot of its gameplay, storytelling, and things to do that is exactly like any other Dragon Quest game, the only differences is the combat system which is a form of ATB, and its online. Thats all. Nothing is stopping you however, from having a party of your own with 3 A.Is recruited from players who sign their chars up to be hired as A.I, and customizing what they do via tactics which does incredibly well.

XI will come to the west, their is no doubt about it, we will at least get the PS4 version, since like I said again, it is using a Western, Graphics Engine, Unreal 4, and its very likely that when SE purchased the licence to use it, they had to sign an agreement to release any games they make with it to the west, to not only make more money for the developers of the engine, but to also advertise how awesome the engine is.


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