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Finished up two Sonic games recently:
Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut on Steam:
Every now and then it's nice to go back to old games that at one point had people blown away by its graphics. Cause graphics are about the only thing this game ever had going for it, imo. Even in 1999 I thought this game was just completely average and all these years later I still feel that way. I spent an hour and a half playing the vanilla game, it's still just as average as I remember it, so afterwards I switched to BetterSADX mod, which improves the graphics and controls among other things. It's still not a very good game. I cannot force myself to finish this with any character other than Sonic. Screw the other characters, and as soon as I finished it with Sonic I uninstalled it.

Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice on 3DS:
I skipped the 2014 Sonic Boom game (played the demo but didn't like it enough to play the full game), not even sure why I decided to give this one a shot, but I did and I'm glad I did. I was pleasantly surprised by this.
There's a story here, but I'll admit I haven't been paying attention to it a whole lot. Mainly because the cutscenes and voiceovers are a little corny (at one point during a cutscene Knuckles shouts "Winning!", ya know, like how Charlie Sheen used to say that 5 years ago during his mid-life crisis?), but I'm guessing that's how the Sonic Boom cartoon is too. Basically you have the power of fire & ice which you can switch between using the L&R buttons, and you will use those powers as you progress through levels. At the start of the year I played through the original Sonic The Hedgehog (the 3D eShop version) and I've found this game to be a lot easier in comparison and that might have to do with this one being tied in to the cartoon, so maybe they were aiming it more at kids (you even get infinite lives).

Level designs are alright. There are different paths in each level that you can reach with certain characters which you can change to at any time using the touch screen, but I don't bother even looking for them and for the most part I played through like 75% of the game only as Sonic. Adding in so many unnecessary characters is part of what got to me to stop giving a crap about Sonic games to begin with.
Each world has the regular levels you'd expect from a Sonic game (ya know, running fast through loop-de-loops and crap) but also 4 levels that play different. Those levels are a level in which you are controlling a submarine trying to find trading cards underwater in a certain amount of time, a racing level where Sonic is racing through an obstacle course against Dr. Robotnik (Eggman, whatever), an on-rails endless runner where you have to try and collect 200 coins and avoid hitting any obstacles before you reach the end of the level, and finally, a level where Tails is driving some hoverboat and you have to reach the finish line in time to collect a trading card. Of those 4 the only ones I enjoy are the endless runner style level and the races against Robotnik. The other two style levels felt like a chore to beat and I never looked forward to playing them.

I've had no issues with the controls (though there is a sprint button for some reason, and back in my day you didn't have to hold an extra button to make Sonic run fast, that's all he knew how to do) and graphically the game looks alright, the camera is zoomed out a bit far, but the frame-rate stays smooth at all times, though the 3D effect is barely noticeable even when the slider is at max. The character models still suck but I guess they're sticking with them.


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