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- The first puzzle mission in tracking the spheres to holes.
- The one shooting them back to the space pirates.
- The ones involving shooting the balls to build bridges and such.
- The bosses to a point was targeting weak points effectively.
- And well Blast Ball if anything trained you for that very moment on pushing the morph ball to a specific part of the wall.

Narratively I suppose they weren't confident on building these squad as stronger than Samus, which may be why it was a battle with the morphball and how the final set of guys are taken down by Samus. Also all missions being a step behind her. I suppose, to a point it's warranted since the fanbase it's very sensitive. Still I'll have liked having a moment these guys had their own victory.

I also liked that, since it keeps one hoping what is going next for Samus and the Metroids being part of that is also great since they did have had a minor role in the Prime games aside from the namesake Metroid Prime.


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