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Sun Oct 16 16 07:10pm
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Finished 2 games this week. Attempted to finish a 3rd (Dementium Remastered) but couldn't.
Alan Wake
I was very surprised by this game. I had heard good things about it, so I don't know why I let it sit in my Steam library for 3 years before I finally decided to play it myself. The story is very good, the gameplay is good, though the shooting feels a bit weird at times (I can shoot an enemy in the head but it only seems to do about as much damage as if I were to shoot them in the foot). There were also a couple of episodes that I felt could have ended 20-30 minutes sooner than they did and felt like they were just dragging on because of all the walking around you have to do. And one of my gaming pet peeves rears its ugly head, where you are constantly stripped of your items and guns, though for this game it makes sense when it happens and I can forgive it.

Metroid Prime: Federation Force
I had read someone describe this game as "it's kinda like your favorite band's worst album". That's an interesting way to put it. I enjoyed the game though, it really started getting good 6 or 7 levels in. But I can't help but feel like this should have been a Wii U game and part of it is because I have a strong hatred of the little extra nub on New 3DS systems, and this game suffers because of it. Oh, and some checkpoints would sure be nice. Most levels aren't long, it just sucks when you plow through a level and then it might have a surprise boss fight at the end where if you die you gotta start over from the beginning and do everything over again.
Another thing about the game, before a mission, you and your teammates (unless you're playing solo, which I don't recommend because this looks like a terrible single player game) are given a limited number of items and ammo to split up before before you head out to begin the mission. I've been running into too many douche bag random players who take all the good crap for themselves (somewhat surprisingly, this happens more with Japanese players).
Another issue I have, I like to kill enemies from a distance, but my co-op partners like getting up close and personal with the enemies, and then what ends up happening is they end up blocking my shots from ever reaching the enemies. Frustrating...
It's no secret the game has bombed as far as sales go, I dunno if I can recommend the game unless you have at least 1 other person who will go through it with you.
In addition to the campaign there is Blast Ball mode, it's basically soccer, 3 vs 3. It's not bad, it's actually fun.

Dementium Remastered
I enjoyed this back in 2007 when it released on the old DS, even though I could never finish it. Replaying it now and I don't know how I ever thought this was good. It's so easy to get lost when all the hallways look the same. You can check your map but you can't just have it stay open and displayed on the touch screen. If there is even a story in this game, I still haven't figured it out.
On the old DS this game's graphics were great. They're even better now, but I still hate that black fog that prevents you from seeing too far ahead unless you have your flashlight equipped. The controls are good, too. You aim with the touch screen, which is how just about all fps games on the old DS controlled, and how I wish Metroid Prime: Federation Force controlled. But just like I did back in 2007, I'm giving up once again on this game, except I don't think I'll be giving it another chance in 9 years from now.


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