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Wed Jun 17 15 02:41pm
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"But really, it's mind blowing that they would not have a metroid game in development when it's such a fantastic series and does so well in the US."

But... it doesn't. Look at sales figures. The best selling Metroid game is only over 2 million copies sold, and that was the first Prime. Prime 3 released on the highly successful Wii U and barely broke a million copies. Compare that to Donkey Kong Country Returns, which sold over 6 million copies and things should look pretty clear. Metroid isn't a big seller for Nintendo and never has been. It just has a very loud fanbase that makes their presence known online.

I think this game looks good, kind of like a Four Swords for Metroid. Glad to see the play mechanics from Prime returning, but yeah, it's a spin-off game through and through. And it's spinning off of a series that hasn't had a main entry title in over what, seven years? Not counting Other M, of course.

The game should be fun, it doesn't deserve the hate. Spread the hate elsewhere, like at Sakamoto. He's the one that dropped the ball.


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