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I finished Nano Assault EX on 3DS.
I'm always amazed at this small indie dev and how they manage to make their games look better than most bigger dev's games. And when I say it's a small team I really mean it. During the end credits there was just a handful of names listed for various credits.
Graphically the game looks very good with the 3D effect on, but that comes with a price, and you will deal with some slowdown once in a while. Controls were solid and it was one of the few games where I didn't have a problem with the little nub on the New 3DS. The game is half twin-stick shooter (like Nano Assault on Wii U) and half shmup. I enjoyed the twin-stick shooter levels more for the most part. My main issue with the game was it was pretty difficult at first, but then seemed to get easier the longer it went on, mainly because you earn a bunch of extra lives and then when you die, your sub-ammo (missiles and crap) gets refilled so I'd use that to my advantage and cheese my way through some of the boss fights, where I'd spam my missiles and then die on purpose to refill them and then spam some more. Repeat until I win.


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