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I now get why Star Tropics was forgotten. Even in Smash.

Zoda's Revenge is kinda like the third Ninja Turtles live action movie. It has pointless time travel that at its best is window dressing to add variety to the visuals with the tropes from each time period, but at its worse is how most of this game is interchangeable.

I think the first game is a special hidden gem from the NES. Kinda like a treasure hunter adventurer, but also it's gameplay while restrictive was varied, the challenges keep increasing and is one of those games you can eventually conquer by playing it better. In the sequel the controls while more "smooth" made the mechanics of the last game awkward. The bosses while more distinctive are very easy. The puzzles weren't as clever.

All in all I suppose grasping straws the best addition was the sequel starting where the last game ended, but aside from the beginning and the last level there wasn't growth neither in the world or the MC. I don't mean depth but any kind of change to make the character feel like he was getting something from the journey. The only thing that changes is the ways of attacking but even then I suppose those didn't felt fitting with the character.

Even with all the ranting the game isn't technically bad, but like feeling of Nintendo sequels of this year. This one didn't felt as ambitious or creative as its predecessor and worse of all most of it, it's pointless in giving a unique identity.

In short, I do now get why this series was forgotten. I mean it's the only case I've seen where the subtitle is totally more prominent that the series it's supposed to be part of.


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