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Sun Oct 30 16 04:34am
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I finished up Yoshi's Woolly World.
I've never played a Yoshi game and not been impressed by the graphics, and this is no exception. Gameplay wise it feels just like previous Yoshi games. That's both a good thing and a bad thing. Good in that it's fun, bad in that they're almost disappointingly easy unless you feel like devoting the time to find all the collectibles.
I was also a little disappointed in the boss fights as well. There's only a handful of bosses and they get recycled so you will face them more than once, and to beat them is always the same, just hit them then butt-stomp them 3 times.
Level design is alright. In the original Yoshi's Island, anyone who has played it remembers "Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy" even all these years later. There were two or three levels in this game that stood out, with my favorite being "Feel Fuzzy, Get Clingy", but I dunno if it stood out enough that I'll still remember it 25+ years from now like with the original game. There are little segments in some levels where Yoshi transforms into a little motorcycle, or an umbrella, or a mermaid, and those are fun, but those sections only last for like 30 seconds. In some cases those little segments are more fun than the rest of the level they take place in.
There are power-ups ("badges") you can buy to help you, but I never once needed any. I'd imagine they come in quite useful if you're going for 100% completion, but for me, just going through the game trying to get to the end, I didn't even think about buying any. And the bonus games suck. A few times I found myself at the end of a level trying to time it right so that I'd jump through the loop and avoid it landing on a flower, so I can skip the bonus game. They're just a waste of time, imo.
I haven't played Yoshi's New Island on 3DS yet but I remember reading some complaints about the game's music. They must have listened because the music is just fine in this game. The controls are good as usual, though I had to switch to the "B style" controls in the options menu because the default setting just felt weird (basically all it did was swap the buttons for jumping and using Yoshi's tongue).


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