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DOOM on PS4:
This game is f'n great. It's also one of the few games I've played that, at least graphically, finally feels next-gen to me (current-gen technically).
The game is pretty much just non-stop action, some parts get really tense, and then to add to it you got the kick ass soundtrack to top it off. During the entire playthrough I never felt bored at all or caught myself thinking "maybe they could have made this level a little shorter". It was just great from start to finish. This is by far my 2016 GotY.
Multiplayer plays how I was expecting it to. Not something I'll b playing regularly a 8 or 9 months from now, but I still enjoy it. Now, it may not hook the CoD and Battlefield kiddies, but screw them, they don't have to wait 10+ years between their new sequels. I'll put some time into the custom map mode soon.
So with all positive things I have to say about the game, there is one thing I kinda hated and that was the load times. It took a long time for this game to finally get here, I would have gladly waited another 6 months or so for them to figure out a way to get the load times in the 10 seconds or less range.

River City: Tokyo Rumble on 3DS:
I'll keep this short and sweet: if you enjoyed River City Ransom on NES, you will enjoy this. It is more of the same and when you've waited this long for a sequel, that's not a bad thing. The main story mode lasts barely 4 hours, but there are extra modes to play like dodgeball. It would have been nice if they supported online multiplayer, but I won't complain since I'm just happy this game finally exists.


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