Toby Fox is a busy guy! In addition to designing games like Undertale and Deltarune, composing music for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, and writing Famitsu columns, he’s apparently also helping bring Sakurai’s YouTube videos to the English speaking world.

Sakurai launched his new YouTube channel recently, featuring a wealth of knowledge about video game design and development. In a recent community post on said channel, Sakurai mentions that the localization team known as 8-4 is translating his videos into English. Where did he get the contact info for 8-4 from? None other than Toby Fox.

What can’t Toby Fox do? We’re certainly appreciative for his efforts on this front, as Sakurai’s videos are a great resource to have in a language we’re familiar with. Now, we’re just dreaming about a game collaboration between these two!

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2y ago

Honestly, it's nice to see how new developers are able to establish and make connections in the industry. I'm only aware of Fox's work, but it's good to see young blood working with the old guard.


2y ago

So wholesome.
Some people you just see one time and know they're great guys. Those two definitely are among them.