No More Heroes 3 came to the Switch in 2021, and it certainly seemed like a bigtime send-off not just for Travis Touchdown, but the franchise itself. It was certainly an installment worthy of saying goodbye to Travis and the gang, but now it seems developer Suda51 is leaving the door open for a Travis return sometime down the road.

In an interview with GNN, Suda51 talks a bit about No More Heroes 3, as it’s soon heading to other platforms. The topic of this installment being the final entry comes up, which is where Suda51 hints at a possible continuation for the franchise, but it’ll only happen with major fan support.

“Yes, that’s right, Heroes No More 3 is Travis’ last battle. Nobody could say what’s going to happen 10 years from now, and I can’t say either. If there’s a big fan outcry, Travis might be back. Just like Tom Cruise came back as Maverick.”


In other words, it doesn’t sound like there are any solid plans in place, but Suda51 wants to leave room for a sequel in the future.

Finally, Suda51 also said he’d like to see a collection of all three mainline No More Heroes games in a single package, but that’s something for publisher Marvelous to decide, not him.

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2y ago

That’s the default response to these kind of questions. And in a way it’s fair. There needs to be a demand for a game realistically.


2y ago

Maybe next time make a good game, last 2 games are crap


2y ago

The last 2 games are fun.