Party game 'Kids VS Parents' comes to Switch on Nov. 25th, 2022

Time to take those parents down a peg!

03 October 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Breakfirst Games and Just For Games have announced that Kids VS Parents is coming to the Switch on November 25th, 2022, and this includes both a physical and digital release. Pre-orders for the physical version are live at various retailers starting today.

Kids Vs Parents is a family game with a cartoon design that will spice up your daily life at home! The dishes to do, the dog to walk, the rooms to tidy up… Always chores, but no one to do them… Kids VS Parents is THE game that will decide for you who will do them! Compete as a family: Parents against children and may the best one win!

Parents scared of losing against their skilled children? Don’t worry! The game controls are very simple and often use motion-control: shake, aim, turn the Joy-Con of your Nintendo Switch to win the game! Everyone has the same chance to win!

50 mini games are awaiting you, in four different modes:


Dream House:

Climb the floors of the house of dreams to get the most beautiful room and enjoy a great nap! The mini-games follow one after the other, the team that wins the mini-game goes up one floor… The first team to reach the top of the house wins the game!

Beware, the house of dreams is sometimes mischievous! Malus and bonuses can be applied to the teams for no reason at all: choosing the next mini game, playing the next round on one leg… Anything can happen!

“Family” Challenge:

No laughing matter as the winning team will be rewarded or the loser will receive a token! Several options are available to give your ideas for both funny and annoying challenges, but it’s up to you to create the one that best suits your family!

Example: Penalty “Set the table” / Advantage “Choose the movie on TV”.

Each team competes around a mini game only, winners/losers make the pledge!


Brain or Muscle team? In Tournament mode, you play only mini games in the chosen category. Four different tournaments are available:

Drawing Fan: For players with a creative mind and a paintbrush! Question for a Champion: Who will be the smartest? Puzzle Master: Only for the most skillful! All against all: No teams here, every man for himself, and may the best man win.


Practice all the Kids Vs Parents mini games in this mode to tip the scales in your favor and ensure victory. There’s no risk of you getting stuck doing the household chores that will be on the line!

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