REMINDER: Mario Kart Tour's Battle Mode now live

Time for a party! Who's got the balloons?

05 October 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

We shared the news earlier today in our usual mobile updates round-up, but here’s a special note just in case you missed it. Mario Kart Tour’s most recent update is live, and it’s brought Battle Mode to the game. You can hop into Mario Kart Tour right now and give Battle Mode a go!

In Battle mode, each player has balloons attached to their kart. Your job? Pop the opposition’s balloons! Try it out on newly added courses GBA Battle Course 1 and GCN Cookie Land. Take aim in single-player and multiplayer.

Whether racing or battling, you can cook up something fierce with the debut of Luigi (Chef).

You can also earn up to 100 rubies and up to 25,000 coins with the Update Celebration in-gameLog-In Bonus. There’s still time to take a crack at earning rewards in two sets of 3rd Anniversary Challenges. Oh, and remember to stop by the Token Shop to find all sorts of high-end fun!

If you want to see Battle Mode in action, you can check out the lengthy gameplay video below.

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