While Super Mario 64 stole the show with the N64 back in the day, those who played Pilotwings 64 know the game was a stunner as well. It showed off gameplay the likes of which console gamers had never seen up to this point, and really opened up players to the idea of a free-roaming experience.

Those who never had the chance to play Pilotwings 64 will soon have the chance to do so through the Switch Online Expansion Pack. If you’re in that group, consider yourself extremely lucky, as you’re going to get an experience much improved over the original release.

The video above shows just how much better Pilotwings 64 is on Switch Online version the N64 release. The level of clarity on Switch is incredible compared to the N64, but even more important is the improvement in framerate. The original game chugged quite a bit, but the Switch Online revamp is silky smooth. Without a doubt, this is going to be the best way to experience Pilotwings 64!

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