Just in case you didn’t know, the 35th anniversary for Mega Man arrives on December 17th, 2022, and thankfully, Capcom seems like they’re gearing up for a celebration. It all starts with the official Mega Man 35th anniversary logo, which you can see in all of its glory above.


Along with that, Capcom has revealed a commemorative t-shirt that’s created by clothing brand “AVIREX”. The shirt will release this Winter in Japan and it’s priced at 6,490 yen . The design spotlights Mega Man, Proto Man, an E-Tank and a Mettaur on the front, and an 8-bit AVIREX logo/Mega Man 35th Anniversary logo on the back.

As for what else Capcom has in store for Mega Man’s 35th anniversary, they’re staying tight-lipped. Let’s keep fingers and toes crossed for a major game reveal!

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2y ago

I think Capcom should go with Mega Man in Japan and ditch Rockman. It's not like it's their only franchise that has this issue, Resident Evil/Biohazard. Imagine if Nintendo had this concern with Mario and Zelda. The name should be universal.