Two unreleased NES games are up for auction

Got some cash to obtain rare antiquities?

12 October 2022
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Two unreleased NES games are currently up for sale on eBay. The first game, The Battlefields of Napolean, is a localized version of Napolean Senki, a real-time strategy game for the Famicom.

This copy of The Battlefields of Napolean comes with its original packaging design that would have been sent to Nintendo for printing its game boxes.


The second game, labelled as “CES SAMPLE” (for the Consumer Electronics Show), is a demo for a Nintendo Power glove game developed by Rare. Unlike The Battlefields of Napolean, this game has never been released or played by the public. A former programmer stated that the title “was a puzzle game where the cursor was a disembodied hand and you made different gestures to complete tasks[, such as] [p]unching rocks and turning keys.”

The Video Game History Foundation, an organization run to preserve video game history, is currently requesting donations so that the nonprofit can purchase these cartridges. If you would like to help in this effort, you can contact Frank Cifaldi on Twitter.

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