Back in August of this year, Mojiken Studio, the team behind A Space for the Unbound, revealed some struggles that they were having with publisher PQube. According to Mojiken Studio, PQube hadn’t released funds it obtained via a diversity program. In specific, Mojiken Studio said that they never got the grant money they were supposed to, claiming PQube Games hid the facts about the grant’s award.

To no one’s surprise, Mojiken Studio and PQube have parted ways since this issue, and a new publisher has stepped in. We now know that Chorus Worldwide will be handling publishing duties for A Space for the Unbound. We don’t have solid info on a release date at this time, but a few listings point to a Jan. 19th, 2023 release.

You can read the full message from all parties involved concerning the publishing switch below.

Dear fans of A Space for the Unbound:

We are pleased to confirm that Toge Productions, Mojiken Studio, PQube, and Chorus Worldwide have reached an agreement to the satisfaction of all parties with regards to the release of A Space for the Unbound. For the PC version, Toge Productions will continue to publish the game worldwide, while Chorus Worldwide will now be the global publisher for all console versions. Release plans will be announced shortly.

Whilst there have been commercial differences in respect of some of the terms of the agreement between the parties, all parties would like to clarify that:

All grant monies received by PQube were received by Toge Productions. PQube has fully supported the return of rights to Toge Productions. No further public statements will be made on this matter by Toge, Mojiken, PQube, or Chorus.

Toge, Mojiken, and PQube are grateful for the support of Chorus Worldwide in bringing together a mutually agreeable resolution, and respectfully wish each other well in their future endeavors.

[Toge Productions, Mojiken Studio, PQube, and Chorus Worldwide]

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