A fourth patch will be released on October 18th for Guardian Tales, with downtime maintenance scheduled for later today. You can check out the full patch notes for this upcoming update below.

Maintenance Period

  • PDT: Oct.17th 18:00 ~ 21:00
  • KST: Oct.18th 10:00 ~ 13:00
  • CEST: Oct.17th 03:00 ~ 06:00
  • Maintenance Reward: 500 Gems

New Hero and Exclusive Weapon

  • SSR Hero : Grand Admiral Marina
  • ★5 Epic Exclusive Weapon : Armada

Hero / Equipment Summons Event Notice

New Hero and Exclusive Weapon (Period: Oct.17 19:00 ~ Nov.31 17:59:59 PDT)

  • Hero: SSR Hero Grand Admiral Marina / SSR Dragon Avatar Vishuvac
  • Equipment: ★5 Armada (Marina Exclusive Weapon) / ★5 Volcanic Horn (Vishuvac Exclusive Weapon)

Standard Hero / Weapon Summons

Tinia / Lapice Summons (Period: Oct.03 18:00 ~ Oct.17 17:59:59 PDT)

  • Hero: SSR Hero Dancing Archer Tinia / SSR Hero Knight Lady Lapice
  • Equipment: ★5 Sarnga (Tinia Exclusive Weapon) / ★5 Innocent (Lapice Exclusive Weapon)

Bari Summons (Period: Oct.17 19:00 ~ Nov.31 17:59:59 PDT)

  • Hero: SSR Flower Girl Bari
  • Equipment: ★5 Mayreel (Bari Exclusive Weapon)


SSR Hero Growth Package (Grand Admiral Marina) has been added.

  • Unique Hero Growth Package will show up once you summon and own the corresponding Hero.
  • The Unique Hero Growth package can only be purchased for 7 days. It will not show up anymore if unpurchased.

New Hero Costumes has been added (Purchase Period: 10/17 19:00 ~ 10/31 17:59:59 PDT)

  • Shark Pajama Marina
  • Red Panda Pajama Lapice
  • Bat Pajama Bianca
  • Snake Pajama Arabelle
  • Cruel Maid Amy
  • Knight of Death

The previously sold Hero Costumes will end sales (End Period: Oct.17 17:59:59 PDT)

  • Lady by the Sea Lapice
  • Summer Sea Lahn
  • Beach Lifeguard White Beast
  • Tree Plushie Aoba
  • Polar Bear Ranpang
  • T-Rex Doll Tinia


  • The new Side Story ‘21 Kanterbury Street’ will open.
  • The new Content ‘Orbital Lift’ will open.
  • You can climb an endless tower floor by floor by battling (The Orbital Lift will open at Heavenhold’s upper area [Northern Tower] after clearing World 6)
  • Stamina will not be consumed for entering battle.
  • An elite monster will appear every 5 floors.
  • A boss monster will appear on every 25th floor.
  • A record room will appear for every 50 + 1 floor (there will be strange records at the Record Room)


  • The new Side Story ‘21 Kanterbury Street’ will begin (Period: After Oct.17 Maintenance ~ Oct.31 17:59 PDT)
  • Challenge Stage Open (Period: Oct.24 12:00 PDT)
  • Event Mission End (End Period: Oct.31 17:59 PDT)
  • Reward Obtain (Period: Nov.15 16:59 PDT)
  • Road map event ‘PremiereNight’ will end.

Issues and Fixes

  • The issue in Co-op not giving the reward matching the Rank will be fixed.
  • The Periods for Co-op and Arena will be fixed to match the Region Settings on the “Nintendo Switch”.
  • The issue of exiting out of the game when pressing Normal Atk at Hero > Details > Stats will be fixed.


  • The Hero and Weapon Summons Chance Table will be updated.

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