Kiriko is the latest Hero to join the ranks of Overwatch 2, and fans were quick to take to the character. Kiriko is a ninja healer who is aided by her kitsune spirit, and Blizzard went through a lot of tweaks and revisions to the character before they settled on the final in-game design.

In an interview with Polygon, senior hero designer Joshua Noh opened up about the work that went into finding the right design and approach for Kiriko.

“(Kiriko) started as just a really cool art piece that [character art director] Arnold [Tsang] drew. He drew a whole bunch of ninjas [that] could potentially be enemies. And we we’re like, Hey, this one looks super awesome. Let’s try and make it into a hero. (Kiriko’s spirit fox was originally) sort of like a pet class in an MMO and follows you around.

“(Kiriko was originally a) trickster hero, and she had a lot of ways to kind of deceive the enemy team. (Eventually, the goal with Kiriko was to) try to incentivize DPS players a little bit to try to support, kind of like trying to attract all the Genji tracer type of players over to the support role.”

[senior hero designer Joshua Noh]

If you’d like to read more about the process of getting Kiriko to where she is now, check out the full Polygon interview here.

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