It wouldn’t be a week of Nintendo news without the reveal of some new Pokémon merch!

Pokemon Co. is back in the merch labs again, and this time they’ve come up with a new series of plush dolls. Fans of Hisuian Arcanine, Hisuian Sneasel, Ursaluna, and Sneasler will be happy to know that plush versions are on the way, and they’ll see release in Pokemon Center locations starting Oct. 29th, 2022.

As for the pricing of each plush, you can find those details below.

  • Hisuian Arcanine plush 4,950 yen
  • Hisuian Sneasel plush 2,200 yen
  • Ursaluna plush 3,520 yen
  • Sneasler plush 3,520 yen

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