If you visit Waddle Dee Town in Kirby and the Forgotten Land, you can enter in passwords to score yourself Star Coins, Rare Stones, and more. While you might have gotten a code for playing through the game’s demo, there are a lot of other codes you can use. Check out a list of codes and their associated unlocks below.

Please note that you need to unlock Waddle Dee-liveries to enter these codes, which takes 50 Waddle Dee. Along with that, all passwords are CASE SENSITIVE.

  • CLEARDEMO – Star Coin x300
  • NEWADVENTURE – Star Coin x300, Rare Stone
  • MOUTHFULMODE – Star Coin x100, Car-Mouth Cake (available until April 25th)
  • KIRBYMICROSITE – Star Coin x150, Attack Boost (available until June 10th)
  • KIRBYGAMESTOPCAN - Star Coin x150, 1 Maxim Tomato (no end date?)
  • BRAWLINGCOLOSSEUM – Star Coin x500, Attack Boost
  • FIRSTPASSWORD - Star Coin x100
  • KIRBYSTORY – Star Coin x300
  • KIRBYTHEGOURMET – Rare Stone, Car-Mouth Cake
  • KIRBYNEWSDESK - Star Coin x150, Energy Drink
  • GAMENEWS - Rare Stone

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2+ y ago

This needs to be reposted at a more reasonable hour for us west coasters ;) Time for bed for me.


2+ y ago

Two are from the demo and one from the Nintendo twitter account. Where do the other passwords come from?