The Switch has paved the way for us to discuss all sorts of games and franchises we never could in the past. Through remasters, remakes and re-releases, the Switch has seen all sorts of titles that Xbox, PlayStation and PC fans have enjoyed for years now. One perfect example is Portal 2, which Nintendo fans finally had a chance to play via the Portal Companion Collection on Switch.

Thanks to that release, we can share the video above, which comes from Did You Know Gaming. The DYKG gang has taken a very deep look at Portal 2 to go over content that never made it into the final game, and there’s quite a bit. If you think you’ve already heard of everything that was cut from Portal 2, think again, as DYKG went the extra mile to get fresh insight for this video feature. You’ll get to hear about a host of elements that were left on the cutting room floor, only to be unearthed in this video.

Of course, this video might also inspire you to play Portal 2 if you haven’t already. If that’s the case, you can pick up the Portal Companion Collection (which includes Portal 1 and 2) on Switch for just $20.

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