Process of Elimination 'Meet the Detectives: Part 3' trailer

You be the judge and I'll be the law-talking guy

31 October 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Process of Elimination was announced for Switch a few weeks back, and it’s set to arrive sometime in Spring 2023. A new trailer has been released for this game, and it spotlights another round of detectives you’ll interact with. In particular, this video introduces us to Rowdy and Armor.

In the detective mystery adventure Process of Elimination, 14 detectives gather on a mysterious island to stop a serial killer…. and soon realize that the culprit hides among them. A hapless student named Wato Hojo finds himself among the group of talented detectives and must take part in their investigation to stop a prolific serial killer that hides among their ranks. Can they solve the case before they’re all eliminated?

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