Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition will have a physical release in Asia

Cross over to another continent to pick this one up!

26 March 2022
by quence 3

Chrono Cross is back in our hearts and minds as of late, as we await the release of Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamer’s Edition coming out shortly. This is a remaster of the game from 1999 which includes “additional features such as battle system and a visual novel adventure”. Up until now, we assumed that this would be a digital only affair, and it looks like that’s the case… unless you’re in Asia.

Over on Facebook, the official Square Enix Asia page shared the news that a physical edition of the game would be arriving alongside the eShop version on April 26th. If you’re a collector, you may want to try to snag a copy! It will include support for multiple languages, including english. Otherwise, the digital version is available for pre-order right now for $19.99.

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Comments (3)


2+ y ago

I'm certain PlayAsia will have this up for pre-order very soon if it isn't already.


2+ y ago

I really enjoyed this game on the original Playstation. Never finished it though, I remember I kept struggling in a fight with a character named Dario.


2+ y ago

Epic win. Another PlayAsia purchase for me.
And I can get some TWEWY CD's I've never bought alongside it.