Days from launching on the Nintendo Switch, Super Lone Survivor’s sole developer Jasper Bryne announced that the game’s release would be delayed due to low sales on Steam along with hate mail that he’s received.

The reason for this is likely due to the top Steam review claiming that the game, being an enhanced port of the original Lone Survivor, was nothing but a simple port with nothing new added and that people should not buy it, even though the game features a new aspect ratio, art, music, new pieces to the story, and more.

While Jasper recognizes that the original reviewer maybe didn’t mean any harm, he also mentions that the game has had almost no sales since it came out due to the review.

All of these reasons caused the delay on the release for the Switch and it’s unclear if the game will come out anytime soon or at all at this point.

I highly recommend that you watch the trailer for Super Lone Survivor below and that you support Jasper in any way you can, even a comment goes a long way!

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the utility man

11M ago

And how does he know that no one is getting it purely because of 1 review?

That's what I was wondering. I've never heard of a single Steam review having that much power.


11M ago

to update on the situation: i have apologised to the review author. to use their own words, they were just the canary in the coalmine and represented the prevailing opinion of the game. sales would have tanked anyway when people realised that game was not what they expected. i'm really sorry to everyone, the reviewer, his followers, the players of the game who are disappointed. although i spent three years working on it, i overestimated its value to others.


11M ago

I see that jasper posted in the comments here. I don't know if you'll see this, but if you do, I have some thoughts on this:

I don't know what effect the top review actually had on purchasing decisions -- I don't even see the review referenced in this article, all the reviews I see are positive and talk at length about the changes -- but I can tell you for sure what one of the actual issues is:

Steam itself.

I didn't even know this expanded version of Lone Survivor existed. Steam has never recommended it to me despite the fact that I play endless survival horror games and I have the original version of the game in my library.

Discoverability has become a real issue on Steam, it makes games like this hard to find.

Also, the price point is going to be a barrier to entry. People who have never played Lone Survivor might not have an issue paying $25 for this enhanced port, but asking people who already paid $15 for the original release to pay $25 for the expanded port was never going to go well. Offering a $10 upgrade path probably would have been a more reasonable option.