Kirby and The Forgotten Land is Kirby’s first fully-3D adventure, making for quite an exciting moment in the franchise’s history. Turns out those in the UK couldn’t agree more. In the UK, Kirby and The Forgotten Land was the #1 boxed release for the week, beating out the launch of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, which took second.

There’s more going on here than just a first place finish for Kirby, though. Kirby and the Forgotten Land has seen the biggest ever Kirby launch in the UK by a big margin, and is already the fifth biggest Kirby game ever in the UK. This all happened after just one week of sales, and this achievement doesn’t include ANY digital figures!

This achievement is even more impressive when you realized Kirby and the Forgotten Land launched on Friday, meaning this chart includes just two days’ worth of sales data!

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2+ y ago

Five years in and the Switch is still the miracle machine that makes every game that releases on it the best selling game in it's series. Way to go Kirby team!


2+ y ago

Highest rated highest selling kirby game. Switch is gold


2+ y ago

Oh well, who am I lying to?!
Though I really don't enjoy easy games, I will end up buying this one :-/

red knight

2+ y ago

That's amazing for the pink puff ball!


2+ y ago

I've played the game for a bit and it doesn't seem THAT different from the 2D games.
More like they took 2D stages and made them linear, tube-like 3D stages.

giancarlo thomaz senoni

2+ y ago

i can see Kirby and Forgotten Land becoming the best selling game of the franchise.