Switch Online sees 36 million paid users

Are you one of them?

09 November 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 3

Following yesterday’s Q2 report on Fiscal Year 2023, Nintendo has shared a follow-up Corporate Management Policy Briefing that has shared some interesting tidbits.

Nintendo has shared an update on the status of Switch Online paid users, and thankfully for Nintendo, that number continues to climb.

According to Nintendo’s latest count, Switch Online paid users has surpassed 36 million worldwide. Nintendo says that memberships have grown alongside an increase in users playing Switch, as well as the release of titles that support online play. Unfortunately, Nintendo didn’t share specifics on what tier these users are signed up for.

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1+ y ago

I would like to know how many signed up for the Expansion Pass. And I would like to know their long-term ambitions for the service. But not just, "we want to increase user engagement and satisfaction." Even if they don't give exact program details, I would like to hear what types of additions or enhancements they would like to see with the service. What do we have to look forward to?


1+ y ago

I assume family plans account all members and not just the main account owner? I’ve got 5 persons on my family plan.


1+ y ago

I'm not a member at the moment, but I have been in the past.