amiibo hit 77 million figures shipped

How many do you own?

09 November 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 2

Following yesterday’s Q2 report on Fiscal Year 2023, Nintendo has shared a follow-up Corporate Management Policy Briefing that has shared some interesting tidbits.

Nintendo has announced an updated figure for the amount of amiibo that have shipped worldwide, and it’s a seriously impressive tally.

From the launch of the first amiibo back in 2014 to now, Nintendo has managed to ship over 77 million amiibo figures worldwide. The move to making these NFC figurines has been quite the boon for Nintendo, as the line continues to remain popular over 8 years later.

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1+ y ago

I have a grand total of 2 and they came with special editions of games.


1+ y ago

I own nearly all of them.