Square Enix has shared another look at Theatrhythm Final Bar Line, and this time around they’ve shared another round of characters who’ll appear in the game.

All in all, 104 characters will appear in Theatrhythm Final Bar Line, and today we get to see 29 of those familiar faces. You can see them all in the infographic above, or read the list below.

  • Crisis Core FFVII: Zack
  • FFI: Garland
  • FFI: Princess Sarah
  • FFI: Warrior of Light
  • FFIII: Cid
  • FFIII: Cloud of Darkness
  • FFIII: Onion Knight
  • FFV: Bartz
  • FFV: Exdeath
  • FFV: Faris
  • FFV: Galuf
  • FFV: Gilgamesh
  • FFV: Krile
  • FFV: Lenna
  • FFVII: Aerith
  • FFVII: Barret
  • FFVII: Cloud
  • FFVII: Sephiroth
  • FFVII: Vincent
  • FFVII: Yuffie
  • FFVII Advent Children: Cloud
  • FFVII Advent Children: Tifa
  • FFIX: Eiko
  • FFIX: Garnet
  • FFIX: Kuja
  • FFIX: Vivi
  • FFIX: Zidane

In this rhythm action game, you’ll enjoy 385 total tracks, including iconic FINAL FANTASY songs like “One-Winged Angel,” “Torn From the Heavens” and “SUTEKI DA NE,” with more content available after launch. Two players can complete stages in Pair Play locally, while up to four players can battle to the beat in Online Multi-Battle!

THEATRHYTHM FINAL BAR LINE begins its symphony on Switch Feb. 16, 2023. After the game’s launch, 90 additional paid DLC songs from the SaGa series, NieR series, OCTOPATH TRAVELER, LIVE A LIVE and more will be released. Plus, editions containing a season pass and 27 extra songs, including “Melodies Of Life ~Final Fantasy” from FINAL FANTASY IX will be available.

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