Publisher Microids has announced the release of an update for Horse Tales: Emerald Valley Ranch. This brings the game up to Version 1.1.2, and includes many bug fixes. See below for the full patch notes.

  • Fixed a critical bug in Mission “Lost in Sight” where players could not talk to Gabriel to complete the mission
  • Fixed a critical bug in Mission “Meet Lilli” where the mission wouldn’t continue after beating Lilli’s initial high score
  • Fixed a crash that occurred in the stable menu when switching quickly through sorting tabs
  • Fixed the camera for horse customizations
  • Fixed a bug where a black screen would appear after breeding or after swapping horses
  • Fixed a bug where the avatar’s clothes would occasionally disappear during minigames
  • Fixed a bug where the Lap information wouldn’t update properly during the Sneaky Ways race
  • Fixed a bug where the user couldn’t control the sensitivity settings using a controller
  • Fixed a visual issue (floating dishes because of a missing table in Saint-Elige Village)
  • Fixed a collider issue near the gate to Azurine Valley so the user cannot glitch through the wall anymore
  • Fixed a collider issue where it was possible for the player to get trapped after jumping over a fence near Shipwreck Shore
  • Fixed a bug where Dirty and Crusty conditions would not be properly displayed on the horses (dirt texture shown inconsistently)
  • Fixed that dialogues no longer remain on screen when teleporting back to Estate
  • Fixed the Greenwood Hills gate interaction so the gate can be properly unlocked once the player has the key
  • Fixed an issue where some tutorial messages would show up too early after the player pets the starter horse
  • Fixed a critical bug where horses would get stressed from Jumping
  • Fixed a bug where the mission marker would not show up during the mission “A Lesson in Style”
  • Fixed a bug where the race timer would show up during gameplay after the user quit during a race
  • Fixed a bug where (with DLC enabled) wild horses would show up as Mixed Warmbloods instead of Selle Francais (and breeding them could result in Irish Cobs)
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when repeatedly jumping off the vantage point above the estate
  • Horse no longer comes into the player’s home when whistled for (this led to camera issues when mounting indoors)
  • Fixed a display issue where the construction slot pole for a bridge on the estate would go missing
  • Breeding Menu now shows Traits instead of Conditions
  • Fixed some issues where bridges would sometimes disappear after being built.
  • Game menu no longer gets truncated on 4:3 and 5:4 aspect ratios
  • Removed faulty placeholder messages that would show up in the player’s mailbox after completing all missions
  • Fixed a bug in mission “A Hearty Welcome” where Gabriel would continue moving before the player actually crossed the river

Aesir Interactive is working on further bugfixes and performance improvements. These are some of the most urgent issues we are aware of and working on fixing:

  • Working on fixing Genetics Testing, currently the same result is shown for different horses.
  • Working on fixing building placement issues, decoration slots within other buildings are not getting saved properly
  • Will fix button mapping of Rename Horse function on Switch. Can be worked around by tapping the name on the Switch’s touch screen.
  • Investigating Performance issues and improvements on Switch (blurred rendering)
  • Investigating Savegame issues (autosave no longer working)

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