Neon White devs show how a stage is built

Reach for the heavens

25 November 2022
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Neon White is a first-person platformer where speed is king. The game is all about speedrunning, yet it’s also for those who’ve never speedrun a game in their lives. The simple gameplay objectives make Neon White incredibly easy to pick up and play, and the speedrunning mechanics latch their hooks into you early, pushing you to better your time over and over again.

Gamers often speedrun games that weren’t built with speedrunning in mind, but Neon White’s speedrunning aspect is built in at its core. Just how do you go about building a game where speedrunning is one of the main mechanics? Game Informer spoke to the team behind Neon White to find out.

According to environment artist Carter Piccollo, one of the key elements to keep in mind is making sure the player never feels confused by a stage’s layout.

“If you’re ever confused on what to do, the game doesn’t feel good and it starts to fall apart. Your first time through needs to feel really clear. And the time where you’re fully optimized also needs to feel really good, otherwise it feels like you’re doing it wrong, even if it’s faster.”

[environment artist Carter Piccollo]

If you want to get a complete look at how stages in Neon White were created, you can find the entire breakdown in Game Informer’s feature here.

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